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Petworth Secret Gardens Open 26 Jun 2016

Market Square, Petworth, West Sussex, GU28 0AL, United Kingdom
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Sandra Lucy
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07834 005762
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Open Gardens in aid of the British Red Cross 2016

Visitors come from near and far to follow this treasure trail of beauty and variety, in and around the centre of the town and whether big or small, traditional or modern, closed -in courtyard or sweeping vista, they all have one thing in common – they are hidden from the passing eye.

This must be one of the best ways of discovering the beautiful Petworth. Whether you manage to visit all the gardens or take your time over a select few, this most intriguing and historic town will reveal some of its secrets.

As always the British Red Cross is deeply grateful for the hard work, kindness and generosity of local Petworth residents who are willing to open their gardens to support us.

26 Jun 2016

Entrance fees
Adults: £5.00
Children children under 12 free.

Teas with home-made cakes, tickets and maps are all from the Red Cross Centre, Market Square, Petworth

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