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Country Gardener Magazine print schedule

Advertising deadlines & publish dates 2019

When to find your copy of Country Gardener. All dates are subject to change. Please contact us with any queries.

March Issue
Advert copy deadline: 31st January
​Available in store: 23rd February

April Issue
Advert copy deadline: 28th February
Available in store: 23rd March

May Issue
Advert copy deadline: 28th March
Available in store: 23rd April

June Issue
Advert copy deadline: 2nd May
Available in store: 25th May

July Issue
Advert copy deadline: 30th May
Available in store: 22nd June

August Issue
Advert copy deadline: 27th June
Available in store: 20th July

September Issue
Advert copy deadline: 1st August
Available in store: 24th August

October Issue
Advert copy deadline: 29th August
Available in store: 21st September

November Issue
Advert copy deadline: 3rd October
Available in store: 26th October

Winter​ Issue
Advert copy deadline: 31st October
Available in store: ​23rd November

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