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A new look for the NGS handbook for its 90th anniversary year

Celebrating its 90th anniversary this year, the National Gardens Scheme has given its handbook a new, fresh look. The annual handbook which is published each spring and was previously known as The Yellow Book, is now called The Garden Visitor’s Handbook 2017 and beneath the title ‘celebrating our 90th year’. It has been given a bright yellow cover showing a wrought iron garden gate opening, with a small dog prancing in front of it, and large flowers decorating the design. There are also county booklets available to pick up with a similar design on the cover as the national handbook. The handbook is available at £12.99 from bookshops and online. Visit for more details. Since 2010, a different annual ‘guest’ charity has been chosen from recommendations from NGS volunteers. Since its foundation, the National Gardens Scheme has donated more than £45 million to its beneficiary charities, of which nearly £23 million has been donated within the last ten years.

Post date: Wed, 19/04/2017 - 10:23
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