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NGS leads initiative for health and well-being

Gardens in Hampshire and Sussex which open for the National Garden Scheme are some of the most popular in the country.

The NGS has launched its first ever week dedicated to promoting the positive impact gardens can have on health and wellbeing. The timing of the week will be chosen at county level. All of the gardens taking part will open free of charge for a small, private group of people who would not usually get the opportunity to enjoy a garden, or for whom garden visiting is not always possible, either because of health or social reasons.

The new initiative run by the National Garden Scheme has been created in partnership with its beneficiary charities, which have all invited groups along to some of the open gardens. This has helped to make a key link between the topic of gardens for health and these beneficiary charities, for example Macmillan Cancer Support have partnered with the National Garden Scheme further this year to raise awareness of getting active in a garden.

These private openings will allow the National Garden Scheme to build upon their work with The King’s Fund in 2016, when the report “Gardens and Health: Implications for Policy and Practice” was released. 

This special week will demonstrate that access to a garden does indeed help to improve mental and physical wellbeing.

Post date: Tue, 01/08/2017 - 08:19
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