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Is there an elm tree near you?

The Conservation Foundation is searching again - and people throughout Somerset can help.

Ever since the 1970s when a wave of Dutch elm disease swept across the UK and millions of trees were lost, most people assumed that all elms had been infected. 

In 2007 The Conservation Foundation began searching for healthy, mature elms which had survived. Had they had the disease and recovered? Were they resistant to it? Or had they simply avoided the disease somehow?

The Conservation Foundation were taken aback by the response with many fine trees reported from all over the country and in a wide variety of locations. Elms that were still alive and in good health in private and school gardens, parks, along streets, on farms and in open countryside.

Now, twenty years on, what’s the state of these national treasures?

If you know an elm please send the location – ideally a postcode – and if possible a recent picture to

And do help spread the word. David Shreeve, The Conservation Foundation Tel: 0120 7591 3111

Post date: Thu, 31/08/2017 - 09:43
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