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Stand up for mothers in East Africa with Send a Cow

Being a mother is a tough job, especially when you live in one of the poorest parts of Africa. Shockingly, one in three children in sub-Saharan African are stunted due to malnutrition which can seriously affect their long term development.

That’s why Send a Cow has launched their Mother & Child appeal and is working hard to support mothers across east Africa. Rather than giving hand-outs, the charity provides mothers with vital training, support, livestock and seeds so that they’re able to grow their own food and sustainably feed their children. It’s an approach which empowers women and helps them lift themselves and their families out of poverty permanently.

This Christmas, you can stand up for mothers in east Africa by buying a gift from Send a Cow. Just £30 can provide a mother with the tools and seeds she needs to grow crops. Soon, she’ll be growing enough fruit and vegetables to feed her children. In time, she’ll be growing more than she needs and will be able to sell the surplus at market, providing a vital income which she can use to send her children to school.

With your support, mothers in east Africa can give their children the best start in life. And better yet, the UK government is matching all donations made before Sunday 31st December, doubling the impact of your gift and helping even more mothers to thrive. Buy your gift now at

Post date: Mon, 11/12/2017 - 15:15
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