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Flowering trees for small gardens


Trees give your garden structure, provide shade and make a wonderful resource for wildlife – every garden should have them in abundance. As spring appears on the horizon it’s worth remembering that no garden is too small for a tree, and there’s a wide and varied range of flowering trees suitable for small spaces.

Year-round personality 

Amelanchier lamarckii has flowers in spring, ornamental fruit in summer and fiery foliage in autumn which is fully grown at five metres. Also known as juneberry, this is a bushy, small tree with pure white flowers in spring. They are followed by berries and there’s fiery autumn leaf colour. Three different seasons from one tree.

Golden glory

The golden wattle, Acacia baileyana lights up the garden in late winter and early spring. Its silvery grey, feathery evergreen leaves make a lovely background to yellow flower clusters. 

Welcoming white

Cornus kousa ‘John Slocock’ is an upright Japanese dogwood. Its vertical branches create a tree that fits into a small space. The white bracts, opening in June, are veined in green with bright red fruits that look like strawberries forming later. Maximum height is four metres.

Multi-purpose trees

Strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo ‘Atlantic’) has handsome evergreen leaves, autumn flowers and characterful bark and is one of a group of small, evergreen trees with flowers like lily-of-the-valley and unusual red and yellow fruits. It will grow to four metres.

Wonderful weeping willow

Salix purpurea ‘Pendula’ is a lovely small weeping willow with purple stems that carry catkins before the leaves open.  Height four feet.

Far eastern delight 

The Japanese apricot, Prunus mume ‘Beni-chidori’ is a great small tree  which will contain itself at three feet. Its rich pink flowers are freshly scented and open in February and March, and casts only dappled shade. 

Hawthorn you can control 

Crataegus persimilis ‘Prunifolia’ is a glorified up market hawthorn. It has more compact growth, darker and glossier foliage, and bright white flowers sparked by pink anthers. The flowers are followed by exceptionally persistent crimson. Five metres in height.

Crab apple delight

An exceptional crab apple, Malus ‘Evereste’  has snowy white, spring flowers opening from red buds to give an attractive contrast. It won’t grow more than six feet. 

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