Sesleria Spring Dream is a new release from Knoll Gardens,  Dorset’s leading ornamental grass specialist. Particularly good as dependable ground cover, this compact plant is the first of four new plants to be released by Knoll Gardens 

Gardeners are just beginning to appreciate how beautiful, and useful, seslerias can be. Growing in compact mounds, durable and attractive, they require little maintenance, can thrive in a variety of conditions and are useful to soften edges of hard landscaping as well as in meadow-style planting, interspersed with perennials and bulbs.

“First spotted as seedling on the nursery, Sesleria Spring Dream is an especially welcome addition to our ornamental grass range”, said Knoll Gardens’ owner, Neil Lucas.  “An early flowerer, its blueish green, slow-growing foliage provides the perfect foil for attractive, dark, dainty-looking flowers in early spring. We believe this versatile new grass may well be a hybrid between the native Sesleria caerulea (Blue moor grass) and Sesleria nitida – the tallest of the Seslarias”. 

Semi-evergreen and growing to 20 – 30cm, Sesleria Spring Dream prefers an sunny open position but will take some light shade if the soil is not too wet. It is very easy to maintain; simply rake through with your hands to remove old tired flowers and foliage.

Sesleria Spring Dream is now available in 2 litre pots at £9.99. For more information go to  or email

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