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‘Who said there is nothing to do in winter!’

If I had a pound for every time someone asked “What do you all winter?” I would be a very rich gardener.  However, I can understand that to the uninitiated this might appear the case.  If you are one of these misguided folk, allow me to enlighten you.

It is true that the prospect of even stepping out into your garden in winter can be daunting.  It is all too easy to hunker down and not emerge until spring. But, dressed appropriately, there is nothing like working in the great outdoors at this time of year.  Here are some of the tasks you should be tackling on these short days, work that body and earn some cake!

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Atmospheric winter walks on Cornwall’s coastline

wildlife south-west-coast-path-the-rumps-161582732.jpgMany of us have to be coaxed out of our semi-hibernation through the winter months. But getting out for a brisk walk, especially around our coastline, will really blow the cobwebs away and make you feel so much better.

TV audiences have been glued to the drama of Poldark – and not only the characters’ stories. The main star is Cornwall and its coastline.

Cornwall in winter is atmospheric, quiet, and usually mild enough for a very pleasant winter’s walk. The coastal path can be easily followed and the South West Coast Path has walks in its 630 miles running from Somerset to Dorset that are very accessible, although there are more strenuous ones for those who are up for a challenge.

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It’s time to make a start...

Fri, 10/03/2017 - 19:14

The bulbs are already up among the wreckage of the winter, spearing the ground with signs of the next season. This is the clue that the beds need clearing.

Christmas gardening books to enjoy - Compiled by Vivienne Lewis

Wed, 14/12/2016 - 11:27

There have been some lovely books published this year to mark the tercentenary of ‘Capability’ Brown’s birth and Shakespeare’s death 400 years ago, delightful books in a wide selection we’ve chosen to put on a Christmas list or to just treat yourself to a good winter’s read.

Boxed in with problems

Wed, 14/12/2016 - 11:10

A recent survey showed that of all the enquiries the RHS Gardening Advice receives every year, box is always in the top few – evidence of how popular a plant it is – and the worry it causes.

Are gardeners starting to admit they’ve had enough of box?

Alpine Garden Society – plant sale delights

Post date: Mon, 13/02/2017 - 11:48

Don’t miss the Alpine Garden Society’s plant sale and show at Pershore College, Worcestershire, on Saturday, 25th February. Specialist nurseries will offer a wide range of alpines, woodland plants, dwarf shrubs and unusual spring bulbs that are often difficult to find elsewhere.

Alan Power talks on the wonders of Stourhead’s gardens

Post date: Wed, 14/12/2016 - 11:45

Alan Power, the highly acclaimed head gardener and estate manager of the National Trust’s picturesque landscape garden at Stourhead, will talk about his life and work in January when he visits the gardening club at Enmore in January.

Hilles House Open 24 Jul 2016

Fri, 06/05/2016 - 09:46 Post author: RedCrossHampshireIOW

Open Gardens in aid of the British Red Cross 2016

Hilles House has a lovely, small arts-and-crafts garden, with spectacular views over the Vale of Severn that look towards the Black Mountains, Malverns and Shropshire Hills.

24 Jul 2016

Opening times

Entrance fees
Adults: £5.00.
Children under 12 free

Sezincote Open Garden 26 Jun 2016

Fri, 06/05/2016 - 09:40 Post author: RedCrossHampshireIOW

Open Gardens in aid of the British Red Cross 2016

Sezincote is a unique and extraordinary Indian house set amid the Cotswold Hills. The architecture is in the Mogul style of Rajasthan. A curving orangery frames the Persian garden of paradise, with its fountain and canals. The house is within a romantic water garden, which is a fine example of the picturesque style – with pools, waterfalls, a grotto, and a temple to the Hindu Sun God. Sezincote was the inspiration for the Brighton Pavilion.

26 Jun 2016

Opening times:.

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