Children love getting their hands mucky, so gardening can be the perfect activity to do together that will help them learn more about nature whilst having fun.

A great way to get started is to plant quick-sprouting seeds, so that impatient little ones can see the results of their hard work without much waiting around!

Sunflower, cress and salad seeds provide really easy results and are a simple way to explain the process of planting seeds and seeing the rewards.

Once you’ve mastered step one, herbs such as basil and mint or vegetables such as tomatoes and lettuce are a fantastic next step.

Planting in the garden is a great way to stimulate your child’s senses of touch, sight, sound, taste and smell – soft flowers, bushes and plants that rustle, strong smells and bright colours all help to enrich your child’s experience of gardening.

Sensory plants can be particularly beneficial for children with special needs and sensory impairments, as it encourages them to explore and enjoy the garden.

If your little one really loves getting out and about in the garden it can be helpful to get a set of child-friendly mini-tools that they can hold and use by themselves.

Having a little watering can, rake, trowel and spade can really help build your child’s sense of independence as well as their physical movement and fine motor skills.

So the theme is success which is the best motivator. Encourage children to have a garden space of their own, but work with them to ensure success. Most of all, go out and enjoy the garden together!

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