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Park Green Nurseries

SUFFOLK, United Kingdom
Contact telephone: 01728 860139

Hosta specialists. Secure online ordering for delivery of plants February to November. Our Nursery is open March to September, Monday to Saturday,10am to 4pm with a large range of Hostas, Grasses, Ferns, and otherperennials.

Mill Cottage Plants

SOMERSET, United Kingdom
Contact telephone: 01749 676966

Specialists in rare Hydrangea species, Epimedium, Erythronium, Ferns and other unusual perennials for shade and damp.Secure on-line ordering for 24-hour delivery (mainland UK) of garden-ready plants. Nursery open by appointment.

Out Slugs

United Kingdom

For the best slug and snail protection for your vegetable plots and plants completely organic, non-poisonous, completely safe to use with children and pets. The ultimate barrier system lasts for years. The repellent lasts for a whole season.

United Kingdom
Contact telephone: 01962 892466 is a website for garden machinery with a difference. With an advice line during office hours you can talk to our sales staff as if you were standing in our showrooms, we will always give you the right advice at the right price.

Indigo Bunting

United Kingdom
Contact telephone: 01297 444455
Contact email: 

Indigo Bunting offers a fine range of handmade paraben free Gardeners Cosmetics as well as unique gifts for the home & garden.

Indigo Bunting is an eclectic mix of handmade designs drawing inspiration from the surrounding countryside & coastal paths as well as craft from around the world, the Indigo Bunting range is designed and handmade in the Indigo Bunting Studio and workshop. Also included in the collection are designs by named artisans specially selected for their individuality, good design & contemporary style.

Garden Gear - High Quality Garden Tools and Products

LINCOLNSHIRE, United Kingdom
Contact telephone: 07767 497443
Contact email: 

At Garden Gear we stock the full range of Darlac Products gardening tools and equipment, all of which you can purchase from our website.

We also stock a range of garden products for children, including Tool Sets and growing kits, along with a large selection of gifts for gardener's of all ages!


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