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All the expertise you need on growing flowers in your garden

The fabulous Fritillarias

Fritillaria are uncommon and trendy additions to spring gardens, blooming in a dizzying array of unusual shapes, sizes, colours, and patterns that are truly out of this world. Many gardeners fall head over heels for fritillaria, exotic-looking plants which stand apart from the rest. It’s easy to understand their adoration.  In a spring garden full of daffodils, tulips, and other …

Flowering trees for small gardens

Trees give your garden structure, provide shade and make a wonderful resource for wildlife – every garden should have them in abundance. As spring appears on the horizon it’s worth remembering that no garden is too small for a tree, and there’s a wide and varied range of flowering trees suitable for small spaces. Year-round personality  Amelanchier lamarckii has flowers …

The flower language of roses

Floriography is the language of flowers. And perhaps no more relevant for flower arrangers or rose growers  than when they take part in the now popular trend of making sure the right colour means the right thing Roses are red, violets are blue. Let’s rewind that a little bit.  Roses come in all shades, and blue is just one of …

The final curtain

Discover how to stage an end of season plant performance in your garden in the form of evergreens, foliage, berries, and seed heads with designer and plant specialist Carol Smith. When flowers fade, leaves drop and early morning dew covers the ground, it’s as if plants know the vibrant, colourful main summer performance is drawing to its close; the last …

A winter garden with that wow factor

Discover how to create winter excitement and colour in your garden with designer and plant specialist Carol Smith. Winter gardens can be beautiful, but during these gloomy grey months many are desperately short of the wow factor. The cold weather and these days too much of the wet stuff leaves plants dead and dreary; there is little to entice us …

Be bolder with spring bulbs

Bulbs are easy to grow and care for and are amongst the most rewarding plants we can nurture, so over the next few weeks it’s time to plant for spring and with it the chance to be more adventurous. Planting spring bulbs in a much-underrated joy. In its simplest form it is the perfect way to guarantee colour for spring …

Autumn in full heuchera colour!

Heucheras have been one of the boom plants in demand over the recent lockdown with record demand with online sales. New Forest nursery and specialists Heucheraholics share their expertise on this easy to grow plant. Twenty years ago heucheras (also known as Coral Bells) were grown for their wispy flowers which grow on long stalks held high above their foliage. …

Pack your garden with bulbs

Spring bulbs will be in garden centres later this month and it’s the chance to plant and plan in September for sensational colour next year. Planting spring bulbs is one way of coming to terms with the end of summer. September is the best month to plant these bulbs, to make the most of the dry, warm days forecast when …

Threatened plants need you!

Ten different types of plants including aubrieta and berberis are now at risk as they fail to find a home in National Plant Collections. Plant lovers throughout the West Country have been urged to help to save some spectacular UK’s garden plants, which it seems, are not being cared for properly. Horticultural charity Plant Heritage is calling for anyone passionate …

Daisy delights

A common sight in almost all our gardens, the daisy in its many forms and colours Is a delightful sign that spring has arrived and summer is on its way. Ask any four-year-old to draw a flower, and chances are you’ll get a daisy. The daisy has an innocence and simplicity that makes it an immediate favourite of young and …

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